February 2017 Discussion Round

The General and Rally-O discussion items for February 2017 can be accessed below.  There are no Obedience items in this round.  However there is one Working Trials Notification Item that will pass without the need for voting unless a significant number of objections are received.

February 2017 General Discussion Items

Fenruary 2017 Rally-O Discussion Items

February 2017 Working Trials Notification Item

October 2016 Voting Results

The results for the October 2016 voting round were as follows:

Change to deadlines for discussion items: Pass

Change of Test A and Test B qualifying scores to 96%: Pass


Introduction of Rally-O Champion and Grand Champion Titles: Pass
Introduction of new Novice, Advanced and Excellent signs: Pass for all items
Reclassifying of the Moving Down Sign: Pass
Rewording for clarification for leash jerk and touching equipment: Pass

Details can be seen here: