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We would like to make this site the central point for NZKC dog obedience information. If you would like to add anything to the site (such as show schedules, catalogues or results) please contact your region representative: Contacts

Regulation Changes Effective 1 January 2018

As a result of the October 2017 voting round there will be several changes to the regulations that became effective from 1 January 2018.  A full list of changes can be seen here

October Voting Round

The following items were put out for voting in the October 2017 voting round.  The results of each item are shown below.  Further details can be found on the Voting and Discussion Items page.

Working Trials:
  • Item 1: Clarification to Cross track requirements in TT2 and TT3 - PASS
  • Item 2: Distance apart that track layer/decoy may walk on TT3 tracks - PASS
  • Item 3: Working Trials Grand Champion proposal - PASS
  • Item 1: Change to Test C Qualified Title Requirements - FAIL
  • Item 1: New Excellent Exercise – Weave Twice With Distractions - PASS
  • Item 2: Clarification of requirements for Weave With Distractions - PASS
  • Item 3: Change to the Excellent Stay - FAIL
  • Item 4: Change to qualifying points for Excellent - FAIL
  • Item 1: Clarification of DOC Chairperson Election Regulations - PASS
  • Item 2: Clarification of the DOC Region Representatives Election Regulations - PASS
  • Item 3: Clarification of the Rally-O Region Representatives Election Regulations - PASS

Black Hawk Obedience Top 20 Competition

An Obedience Top 20 competition has been introduced which will run from 1 October to 30 September each year.  There is a prize of $1,000 for the owner/s of the winning dog each year.  Further details and the current standings for the competition can be found on the NZKC website here: Obedience Top 20

Following the decision to move the NDOA to Easter from 2018 the Obedience Top 20 competition for 2017/2018 will run from 1 October 2017 to 31 December 2018 (i.e. 15 months) and the award will be presented at the 2019 Easter NDOA. The following Top 20 will run from 1 January 2019 to 31 December 2019 and be presented at the 2020 NDOA.

NDOA Future Dates

The survey about the preferred alternative dates for the NDOA held last year showed a clear preference for Easter over Queen's Birthday weekend.  Therefore the Dog Obedience Committee has decided to go ahead with the move of the NDOA to Easter in 2018 when it will be held in Christchurch. This is despite the fact that the move of the National Dog Show to July has been put on hold and will remain at the start of October for at least 2018 and 2019.  The NDOA will continue to be held at Easter for at least 2019 (Auckland) and 2020 (tentatively Taupo) at which time the timing will be reviewed to determine if it should remain at Easter for subsequent years.
Even though the National is not moving at this stage, moving the NDOA to Easter still has the following advantages:
  • The NDOA will no longer be only a couple of weeks after the National so it will be more practical for people to attend both
  • The NDOA will not clash with the agility NZDAC so those who compete in both disciplines will be able to attend both

Dogs New Zealand Club Handbook

The Dogs New Zealand club handbook contains useful informaotin for clubs and can be found on the NZKC website here: https://www.dogsnz.org.nz/pdfs/club-handbook.pdf

Voting Register

The voting register can now be viewed through the NZKC website by following this link: Obedience Voting Register

If you are not logged on to the NZKC site it will direct you to the log-in page and then take you back to the register once you are logged in.

You can check whether you are on the registers you think you should be on (Obedience, Working Trials and Rally-O) and also check your details.  If any of the Voting Register details are wrong (or you are missing from a register) there is an option to email your region rep to get your details updated.  There is also an option to request a change of your NZKC member details (address, email, phone etc.) and this will send an email to the NZKC office with the requested changes.

Champions Lists

Lists of Obedience Champions up to 15 May 2015 can now be found on this site under Information/Champions.

You can also access a current list (back to 1996 only) off the NZKC website at this link: http://www.nzkc.org.nz/members/obedience_dog_titles.html

NDOA Raffle Draw July 2017

The Central Reigon NDOA raffle was drawn on 26/07/17 at 13:36 at the Levin Police station by Rachel Potter-Burbery .

The results were as follows.  Congratulations to all the winners (who will be contacted to arrange delivery of the prizes)

Prize            Number                   Winner’s name
1st                  2738                       Hana Crengle
2nd                 1637                       Jo-Anne Vivienne
3rd                  3613                       Selina Greene
4th                  2685                       Stuart Campbell
5th                  2103                       Chris Tucker